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Challah Baking

Bake Em and Take Em


Roll up your sleeves and knead some dough. Learn the ancient craft of Challah Baking as it has been practiced in Jewish tradition for centuries with Rivki's famous recipe. This fun and scrumptious program takes place weekly on Thursday nights.

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The Jewish Holidays

Days of Awe, Days of Joy


Explore the life, essence and joy of the festivals. Join us for a meaningful and inspiring Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Celebrate with us on Simchat Torah. Find beauty in the lights of Chanukah. Come party with us at the Purim Bash. Experience true freedom at our Passover Seders. In addition, try Judaism hands-on with some of our interactive holiday programs: The Shofar Factory, Chanukah Wonderland and Model Matzah Bakery.

"monmouth university", "Chabad"
"monmouth university", "Chabad"


"monmouth university", "Chabad"

Friday Night Live

Spice and Spirit of Shabbat

Experience the fun, beauty and inspiration of Shabbat with delicious food, great people and lively discussion.

Zero pressure. 
Total pleasure.

Shabbat Shalom! 

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Spiritual Insurance


Show your Jewish Pride! Want a Mezuzah for your dorm room? Protect it with security from Above. At Chabad of MU, every student receives a loan Mezuzah for a $20 deposit (completely refunded with return of Mezuzah at the end of the school year or semester). Free installation. There is a limited supply - please act soon.


Classes & Lectures


Challenge your mind. Advance your knowledge. Delve beyond the surface.

Chabad offers a variety of classes and lecture series, providing opportunities to question and learn. Join the weekly Lunch 'n Learn, class on Jewish Mysticism—Kabbalah, or the advanced Talmud Series— Jewish Law and Ethics. Interested in a specific topic? Chabad offers one-on-one study on the topic of your choice. Give us a call and we'll arrange a time and day that works for you.

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Community Service

Hand in Hand


Extend a helping hand to families of special needs children and involve them in a full range of social and Jewish experiences. Hand in Hand is made of five components: student volunteers, children, parents, staff and supporters. The true beauty of this endeavor is the heart to heart connection that forms loving friendships. Together, we can perform miracles.

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