Your MU Family Seder

Are you going to be missing your Seder at home? Not to worry, because your Chabad family will be hosting a "home style" Seder!


Please join us as we celebrate Passover together. Our Seder will be fun, warm, enjoyable, great atmosphere and of course delicious home cooked food. Brisket, Gefilte Fish, Matzah, Chicken Soup, Charoset and your favorite Marror:)

There will be explanation and interaction throughtout the Seder. No need for any backround knowledge or affiliation.


FREE of Charge!! 

Suggested Donation $18

1st Seder at the Ocean Place, Friday, April 19 - 7:30 PM 

2nd Seder at the Ocean Place, Saturday, April 20 - 8:15 PM


1st Night: Ocean Place Resort - 1 Ocean Blvd, Long Branch

2nd Night: Ocean Place Resort - 1 Ocean Blvd, Long Branch